About Us

An Australian owned and operated platform showcasing quality handmade products.

Who we are

HandmadeMallOnline is a venture of Lyndaz (ABN : 98 155 359 118), an online Australian owned and operated platform where you can buy and sell handmade products. Our partners are our Sellers and Buyers, hence we strive to ensure that HandmadeMallOnline is constantly evolving to fit our member’s needs. We are here is to support local artists and artisans showcase their skills by connecting them with handmade admirers across the globe. Our platform empowers entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business based on repeat customers.

What we do

We are an Australian owned and operated platform bringing together all handmade lovers, who are passionate about the web and all things handmade. We strive to spread the love for handmade products and showcase the amazing range of products created by our beautiful Vendors to make selling and buying in our online mall as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We showcase the hidden talents of many creative individuals who are unable to showcase their work to the world. Our online mall is just the perfect place to show the world your passion and creativity by setting up a store and selling your unique handmade products.

Based in Sydney, HandmadeMallOnline connects artists, designers and entrepreneurs to showcase their unique products to the world.

Vendors can quickly setup their stores and take advantage of the powerful marketing services offered. They have the option of showcasing their ready-made merchandise online, and accept requests for custom orders or commissioned work.

Visitors to the site can browse our handmade collections, buy products online and have the ability to contact Vendors directly with questions or requests.

Why HandmadeMallOnline’s Products

Why buy our products?


HandmadeMallOnline is a platform where handmade products are made with love and passion by creative minds and hands. Whether our Vendors make the products themselves or source them from other handmade Vendors, our Vendors seek to honor traditional and time-tested techniques and methods of making things. At HandmadeMallOnline, every member believes that buying handmade products from independent artists and craftsmen rather than mass-produced goods is a better choice for a variety of reasons with the main being supporting small businesses.

Buying Handmade products will surely save money over the long term as they tend to last longer. Even better, you have the opportunity to support an artist / designer. You know exactly where your money is going!

By shopping at HandmadeMallOnline, you help us support our charity organizations as we donate 10% of total sales towards supporting the less fortunate.

We hope that you enjoy shopping with our lovely Vendors and find something you unique that you might have always been looking for. If you are a handmade creator and want to join us in having fun doing things the old-fashioned way, why not register to set up your store.

Our online mall is created with passion by artists just like you!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a unique shopping experience by maintaining affordable prices, showcase quality products while provided the best customer support making our platform a perfect place to find quality Artists / Creators.

Our Mission

HandmadeMallOnline.com is created and dedicated to bringing together all handmade lovers, who are passionate about their creative skills and all things handmade.


We aim to connect and provide a one-stop, online mall with an exclusive web-space for Vendors and Buyers, to serve and offer our members a space where they can all come together in, not only advertising their products and businesses, as well as in the buying and selling of their unique handmade products at retail or wholesale prices; while exploring each other’s stores and creativity and support each other in business.


Being an online mall helps our members shops 24/7/365!


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