Seller's FAQs

Please take time to read these Seller's FAQ as a guide.

Seller's FAQs

Handmade Mall Online is an exclusive online platform selling ‘wonderfully made’ creations by the woldr’s finest crafters, artists and makers!

We are a curated platform, where we individually review each application. Our utmost priority is all about the quality of products, and every single product you see in our platform would happily take pride of place in our own homes.

HandmadeMallOnline is based in Sydney in Australia.

This platform is for Sellers from around the globe as long as you have the means to meet Buyers shipping requirements.
Soon, there will be helpful blogs, useful information and marketing tips that will be available to all, so we think it is definitely worth following us.


Vendors ca sell an array of delights that are only handmade from jewellery, homewares, furniture, gifts, clothing, arts and prints, textiles to ceramics. We are open to all ‘wonderfully made’ applications.


Unique, original ideas. One of a kind creations that will be treasured forever.
Creations handmade by you, with quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.
Good quality photography that shows off your products in the best light.
Passion and enthusiasm that is evident in all you do.

– Vintage items – unless they have been up-cycled into a new creation.
– Second hand items – unless they have been up-cycled into a new creation.
– Mass produced products
– Imported products
– Items which infringe copyright

At HMO we believe in simplicity and transparency so you will find no hidden costs. We also believe that you should not pay if you don’t sell.
So we charge:
– One off joining fee $35
– 15% commission on sales 
– No membership fees
– No transaction fees
– We invest part of the commission back into advertising to drive you sales.


Payments are paid to you on the same day of the order. (usually within 24 hours of the order). You will receive the cost of the order with commission automatically deducted. Payments are processed via Paypal.

You will receive an email to your registered email address with details of your order.

Your shop will have your own HandmadeMallOnline  URL –
Your URL will look like this:

Yes of course you can. We do not restrict you selling on any other platforms.

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